Flyer Distribution and Door Hangers Delivery


Why we do it?

Put aside your multi-million dollar marketing budget for another day and consider undertaking one of the most effective advertising methods out there – and at a fraction of the price of a traditional advertising campaign.

The fine folks at Elevation Direct are experts at getting your marketing materials in the hands of your target audience. We are familiar with rules and regulations of working in neighborhoods across the country. We’ve also developed relationships with some of the largest magazine rack distributors, and most importantly, we are experts in the area of marketing communications and sales.

How we do it?

We do it by enlisting only the best representatives to bring your brand to the market. Our national network of over 500 independent sales representatives is comprised of individuals who have undergone rigorous sales and communications training and who will speak knowledgeably about your product and service.

We do it by reach. Elevation Direct has brand representatives located in all major markets across the United States. This makes it easy for us to get your marketing materials into the hands of millions of Americans within days of launching a flyer distribution or door hanger campaign. Whether you’re looking to target residential neighborhoods, businesses, or events, the Elevation Direct team will ensure that your campaign is executed in the most effective way.

Elevation Direct also has developed exclusive partnerships with magazine rack distributers across the county allowing us to ensure your marketing materials reach your target audience whether it is at the entrance of nation-wide fitness centers, gas stations or at coffee shops.

We do it by adapting. Believe us when we say we’ve been asked to deliver all types of creative materials for our clients. Our clients ask us to distribute everything from flyers to calendars to coasters to food samples into the hands of potential customers in all regions of the country.

We do it by targeting. Through targeted and well-conceived flyer distribution and door hanging campaigns, we’re able to ensure that clients are getting the biggest bang for their buck. Whether targeting your demographic by zip code, city, ethnicity, buying habits and more, we promise to get your materials into the right hand – and do it better than anyone else.

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